Video Poker: Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is to complete the game with the strongest hand. The hands are based on the standard combinations of poker, with some variations depending on the variant of Video Poker. The higher the value of your hand, the higher your winnings will be.

How to play

When you get your first hand, you will need to choose which cards to keep and which ones to discard. It is possible to discard 0 to 5 cards. The cards you discard will be replaced with new cards from the deck.

If what you have in your hand makes up a winning casino online Winbet2u poker combination, your winnings are highlighted in the pay table. The payout table is based on the number of coins you have chosen to wager before the start of the hand.

You can then choose to Double or withdraw your winnings.

  • If you choose the Double button, you will enter the doubling phase.
  • If instead, you choose the Collect button, you will be paid the win amount is shown in the win window and you will be given the option to play another hand.
  • If the cards you have are not enough to win the hand, then the game is over, and you can start a new hand.


If you have a winning poker hand, then you can choose whether or not to play your winnings in the Doubling mode.

If you select Double once a hand is won, you will enter the Double step. The goal of this mode is to draw a higher card than the dealer. If you select a higher value card, your winnings are doubled, and you can choose to repeat the doubling phase again or to withdraw your winnings.

If you choose to double, 5 new cards will be dealt with you, and the dealer’s card will be revealed. You can then select any of the four remaining face-down cards. All four cards are turned over, and the card you have selected is highlighted.

If your card is worth more than the dealer’s card, then your original win is doubled, and you can choose to double again or to collect your win.

If, on the other hand, the card is of a value equal to that of the dealer, the game is tied, and the amount of the winnings remains equal to the bet. You can then choose to either double down again or withdraw your winnings.

If the card you have chosen is of a lower value than that of the dealer, the doubling phase is over. You will return to the main poker game, and you can start a new game hand.

Automatic and expert mode

This mode will automatically hold the cards of your first deal based on the Optimal Game Strategy, i.e., it will help you get the best possible win based on the game you have in hand.

You can also use our Expert Mode, which offers advanced features such as:

  • The ability to create your own personal game strategies
  • AutoPlay – allows you to play a selected number of consecutive hands, without having to interact with the software, once the criteria for the gameplay have been selected
  • Play one game at a time and apply your personal game strategies
  • Analyzer function – this mode will allow you to view the Optimal Game Strategy for your current hand in order to maximize your winnings. You can also use the Analyzer as a learning tool, which will analyze the chances of winning the game hand even if you are not in the game
  • Optimal Play Hints – this feature will warn you when a decision made during the game is not the optimal game strategy

The deck

The platform used for Video Poker can vary thanks to different modes. For example, Joker Poker and Deuces & Joker use 53 card decks, one of which is a Joker. We advise you to consult all the details of each game to find out the platform and its payout table.

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