An introduction to Online Slot Machines

Since their invention in 1887, slot machines have always been present in casinos around the world. The very first machine was called Liberty Bell and had an overwhelming success in the United States. Revolutionized the game online betting malaysia in casinos forever, and slots quickly spread around the world, where they acquired a number of different names (in Britain they are particularly popular as fruit machines, the Australians call them “pokies” or “poker machines,” while the French play “machines à sous”). Still popular today, you can find them in abundance in all casinos, where the exciting sounds of cascading coins fill the crowded rooms. It was natural, therefore that these machines also found a home on the internet in the online version.

All online slots are different from each other in type, functionality, and bonuses. With so much choice, you can always find the machine that best suits your tastes. Many Online Casino offers you more than 130 games, which include 5 and 3 reel slots and progressive slot machines. Each machine offers different themes and different features, but all of them can count on exciting bonuses and free spins.

The themes can be very simple and include standard symbols; others can instead be suggestive and rather complex, capable of developing truly exciting game atmospheres.

Start playing online slots now

Getting started is easy, sign up, download the Online Casino software, reload and take advantage of our welcome bonus. Then start the casino and select the game you prefer. You can choose from our wide selection of over 130 slot machines and sort them by type until you find the one you want to play. Just double click on the selected slot and start playing!

Once you have chosen the machine, you will be faced with reels and buttons with various betting options. Some slots have several payline options and an option to select the bet amount for each payline. All will allow you to choose the “Maximum Bet” feature, which will activate the maximum amount to bet.

How to Play Slot Machines: the Basics

Online Slot Machines test your skill and luck and consist of a series of symbols on reels. The goal of the game is to spin the reels so that the symbols form the right combination on the payline – the pay line. The prize you get depends on the combination of symbols and varies depending on the online slot machine and the number of winnings attached.

To spin the reels, you have two choices:

– Click on the ‘Max Bet’ button – which will automatically select all the paylines and the maximum number of coins bet per payline.

– Select the number of paylines you prefer and the number of chips you want to bet on each line – this will determine the value of your bet total – and then press ‘spin.’

Remember to always select the value of the game token (which determines how much you bet on each payline) before each game, because it will give you the opportunity to better manage your budget. The bet you make will be considered in any case, as some slot machines may even have 50 paylines.

If you get a valid combination on a payline, the symbols will flash on the reels, and the win value will be highlighted in the box at the bottom right (Check the Prize Table of the Online Slot Machine you are playing).

In addition, some games can activate bonus options that will make you win even more:

– Additional free spins (and multipliers)

– Immediate winnings (as happens with scatter options)

– Play bonuses

Once these options are exhausted, the spin will be over, and all winnings will be added to your account. If you have not had a bonus combination or a win that activates further options, you will have to start a new game by clicking again on the ‘spin’ button, changing the value of your bet, or choosing the ‘max bet’ option.

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