Month: July 2020

Introduction to Blackjack

The origins of Blackjack dates back to several centuries ago. There is evidence to suggest that the game was already practiced in the 17th century in Spain and France and that, even then, it was based on the distribution of cards with the aim of reaching number 21, with the value of the ace considered as 1 or 11. The figure cards or the Jack, the Queen, and the King were each worth 10. Unchanged for centuries, the strength of the formula of this game is undeniable, and it is easy to understand why it is the most played card game in casinos.

The general objective of blackjack is to have a higher hand than the dealer without exceeding the number 21. Blackjack is in itself a combination of an ace and any 10 value card (10, Jack, Queen, King), and it is the best hand you can have. The only case in which a player does not win with this hand is if the dealer also manages to get the same result.

To get a winning hand, a player must “hit” to receive the cards until he decides to “stand” when he accepts the sum of the cards, hoping that the dealer playing his hand will not make a higher score.

In many variations of online and offline Blackjack, the dealer has to stop at 17, which means he can no longer draw more cards to try and beat the player, whoever calls and passes the 21 “bust” and loses his hand.

There are many online variations, and the payouts vary according to the type of game. For example, some assign more value to Blackjack; others instead change the limit of where the dealer should stop. These variables change the odds of winning and the value of winning, which is why you have to make sure that you choose the version you prefer, making the game even more fun.

How to Play Blackjack: The Rules

The central idea of ​​Blackjack is to form a hand consisting of cards that add up to 21 damage to each other. This can be done with the first two cards that the dealer deals, a combination known as Blackjack (an Ace flanked by a 10 value card – So any figure or 10), hence the name, or by requesting additional cards from the dealer. The player wins whenever he has a hand higher than the dealer but does not exceed 21.…

Introduction to Online Roulette

You can play online roulette exactly as you would in a regular casino. The rules are the same (but of course they vary according to the type of game), as well as the objective of the game: predicting the outcome of the spin of the wheel and guessing where the ball stops once it has finished spinning. Roulette is made up of a wheel that contains 37 numeric cells (or “pockets”) in which the ball can fall, but this number can vary from the game chosen. It is possible to make several bets and get excellent winnings: for example, you can bet on the color or try to guess a specific number.

History of Online Roulette

According to some, roulette owes its origins to ancient Greece, but in reality, the game as we know it today developed during the 18th century in revolutionary France. After more than 200 years of history, she has perfected herself in one of the most recognizable and popular casino games, and today with the advent of the Internet, it is possible to play comfortably from home. 32Red is no exception. By downloading and playing at our online roulette tables, you will receive a service that is second to none.

Some interesting facts:

  • Francois Blanc is said to have sold his soul to the devil to learn the secret to winning at roulette. The myth was perpetuated by the fact that the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666 …
  • Players can enjoy payouts of up to 35-1 with roulette, making it one of the most rewarding casino games.
  • Roulette means “small wheel” in French.

Start playing online roulette right away

A player must make his bet before turning the wheel. As soon as the wheel is started, a ball is placed on it, and it will start spinning in the opposite direction to the wheel. The outcome of the online roulette game is determined by the position where the ball lands. Common bets include: guessing the color, a number or series of numbers, even or odd numbers or specific areas of the wheel.

Based on 37 numbered boxes (1-36 and 0) and two colors (red and black), European Roulette is one of the favorite games on 32Red, with thousands of players playing every day. Place your bet, watch the wheel spin, and become the last of big winners.

Bets can be made on a number of different selections, all with different risks and rewards. The riskier the choice, the more you can win. For example, by choosing a single number of a specific color, the payout is paid 35: 1. You can “hedge” your risk by betting a mix of high and low-risk options. However, make sure that subsequent winnings are greater than your initial investment – otherwise, you will also lose by winning.

French Roulette is the first and probably the best of traditional roulette. The gold range highlights the game’s features and enhances the online game. This gives the French Roulette game a unique character that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Like all roulette games, French Roulette has 36 numbers and a zero and, of course, red and black colored slots. Before the wheel is spun, bet the tokens; 5 to 50. Note: Different tokens can be used to bet different amounts on color and numbers.